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Welcome To Tata Surgical | Surgical Single use instruments suppliers Germany

The company Tata Surgical was established in 1984 and started manufacturing of re-usable medical devices at a small scale with skillful workers of about 10 numbers. Due to production of high quality surgical and dental instruments, soon it becomes popular among the potential buyers of Europe; especially, England, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland and Italy.

The company Tata Surgical rapidly grew and gained a good name among those countries with better quality, competitive prices and reliable delivery services.

In 2005, Tata Surgical started producing single-use surgical instruments as well and became a popular company among the suppliers of SU instruments to Europe. Tata Surgical got its CE certification of Class IIa & IIb from BVQI and then SGS U.K.

In 2010, Tata Surgical started production of electro-surgical instruments, bipolar, mono-polar forceps and electrodes, disposable and re-usable quality.

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